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Welcome to ASAP Academy!

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Enrollment starts in May 2024 and courses start in June 2024!

What is ASAP Academy?

The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership has been engaged in advocacy, capacity building, and movement building for 15 years with members from over 23 countries across South Asia, South West Asia, South East Asia, and Oceania.

Our flagship Youth Advocacy Institutes and Refresher Institutes have been a space for learning, unlearning, and relearning for thousands of young people and activists from across the region.

We believe that the work we do as safe abortion rights advocates brings with it the responsibility to be fully aware of the ground realities, facts, and myths and also the basic technical and clinical issues involved so as to do justice to our roles and to truly speak for those who cannot.

In order to ensure that the learnings and knowledge creation from our work of over a decade is consolidated in a space that can also be accessed by advocates and activists from outside our region, we have set up The ASAP Academy.

Why should I join The ASAP Academy?

The mission of the Academy is to contribute to the global safe abortion rights movement with a space that offers self-paced as well as guided capacity building. Everyone who speaks up for safe abortion rights should be able to do so in a manner that is informed by clinical evidence, an understanding of the politics with the underpinning of feminist ideology and social justice.

How do I learn with The ASAP Academy?

It is self- paced but also includes engagement sessions, interactive tools, accountability groups. You can go as fast and as deep as your motivation and passion for learning takes you !

What courses can I take?

We offer Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced certificate Courses. You can also opt for doing a single module separately.

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